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It is my great pleasure to welcome you to Holy Vison Secondary School, Tahachal, Kathmandu. Our school is popularly known as just Holy Vision, where we are serving students in education from play group, nursery to grade twelve. With thirty-plus years of involvement in imparting quality education, Holy Vision is a trustee-run academic institution which focuses on students’ academic excellence and their overall development. We regard students as the center of education and so all the teachers, faculties and staff members give you special attention and care so that you receive the best education and enjoy your time here with us at Holy Vision. Our classes equipped with multi-media, limited number of students in each class, academically sound and familial environment, well-equipped science and computer labs, highly qualified and experienced, teachers, faculties, and friendly and helpful staff members make Holy Vision an ideal place for your studies.




The role of the teachers in the school is predominant. They not only transmit ready-made knowledge to the students but also help the students .....


The school has a modest Math lab which is used to give practical knowledge in Geometry, Trigonometry and other areas of calculation. The Abacus .....



Science is a practical based subject. The school has a modestly equipped Science lab with adequate materials needed for secondary level of teaching...

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